Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hey Fashionistas! Happy Sunday!
In my town today is a really boring day,for me perfect for blogging and studying.Today my post will be about Kim Kardashian because she always looks stunning from head to toe and has perfect outfits even if they are casual.Also,I wanted to write a post about her cause I love KUWTK show and I'm watching it all the time,I mean the whole family is just hilarious! 

Back to the Kim,it looks like everytime she puts a lot of effort in her makeup and whole outfit.Umm,how would I describe her style? Like very glamorous,daring,sometimes boho inspired style,she's not afraid to try to combine clothes but she always go for comfy clothes as we can see from her style.Her style has a little bit of everything.She wears clothes with a style and that's what I would call 'Fashion Inspiration'.And we can all notice that Kimye are perfect fashion couple,right?!

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