Saturday, May 4, 2013

Getting Ready For PROM!

Everybody is waiting for this magic night where all the girls look like princesses.All those fancy things when you are getting ready for prom; shopping your dress,heels,giving yourself a manicure,doing your's just a ton of fun. So if your prom is coming soon,then this is a little guide-post with everything that comes with it. Hope you enjoy!

1) How to find dress for prom?
 -Start with preparing on time,think about it how you want to look and how you want your dress to look. Think about how the dress should look like; long,short,with open back,color...Then,when you have all imagined in your head,you can go on dress-shopping with your mom,sister...Try to find the dress that you'll like and feel comfortable in. Also,be aware of your body virtuous and vices.

Stores online for dresses:

2) How I should do my makeup?
- It all depends on your skin tone,eye colour and dress colour. You need to blend colors well. So,if your dress is long blue dress and you have blond hair you maybe want to go with smokey eyes.Try using shimmer shadow on your eyelids - play around with pastels, silvers, or gold.

3) Hair ideas?
-Here are some of my favorite hairstyles for prom and a little DIY,take a look:

Don't forget to be yourself in everything that you're doing,even when you're finding your dress for prom. Nothing will accessorize your dress better than a great smile and happy mood. Have fun at prom!!!