Sunday, March 3, 2013

Necessities For Your Purse!

Hey dolls! Happy Sunday!
I come up with this idea to create this,I hope so,helpful post.It's the 'Necessities For Your Purse!'.Okay,maybe you want to start carrying a purse but you need some extra tips on what should you carry around in your purse? Then, this post is answer to your question and here are some little things I recommend on bringing with you whenever you go;to school,on a lunch with friends..:)

Hope you enjoy and find this helpful! 

Things I recommend carrying in your purse:
1.Wallet-You never know when you will need money or your debit card,ID...It's better to have it with you :)
2.Your phone-You can't go out without your phone,right? So find the pocket in your bag for it!
3.Pencil-You always need a pencil,trust me
4.Makeup bag-I don't really like to bring a lot of makeup with me,I just have:mascara,mirror,lipbalm and lipstick 
5.Hair tie-The hair can go a little crazy sometimes but when you have a hair tie you can pull it back or make a nice bun!
6.Notebooks & books-If you need them for school :)
7.Keys-It's not fun when you forget your house key or car key
8.Gum-Just to chew it if you are bored
9.Water bottle
10.Headphones-If you are a music freak like I am haha

Thanks for reading this post,hope it was helpful and fun to read! 
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