Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to feel better when you're sick!

Hey Fashionistas!
I promised that this will be a beauty-tip post put it's not...I mean it kinda is but I come up with this another idea for writing so you can tell by the title already,it is:'How to feel better when you're sick'.I was sick few days ago and I know that feeling when you feel like you don't have energy for doing  anything. I also presume that maybe some of you reading this are sick right now and this is the perfect post for you.I know,it is sooo boring and annyoing when you are sick but it could be easier sometimes and you can actually feel a little bit better. Here I have some tips for you on how to feel better and I really hope (if you are sick these days) you'll get well soon! Kisses!!! xx

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1.Avoid eating unhealthy food!-When I'm sick I think I could eat a tons of sweets and junk food but it is not good for your skin and it will couse more probs like,pimples :/ Try to eat more vegetables :)

2.Dress warm!-Isn't it so nice when you don't feel well and you snuggle in your cozy bed with a cup of tea,cookies and watch some movies on Netflix? Deff yes! So dress warm and lay in bed if you don't feel well,it helps!!

3.Get some rest!-Beauty rest is what we all need,it could really help you feel better and you'll feel like your enegry's back!

4.Get some fresh clean air once in a while!-Go take a walk or get some fresh air by opening window in your room!

5.Drink warm!-Teas,hot chocolate,milk,soaps..there are so many yummy stuff that can make you feel a lot better by drinking them!

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