Monday, December 3, 2012

Studded Fashion!

A trend we have seen across the globe at the moment is studded fashion. On clothes,this season you can everywhere see studs & spikes!They are becoming an integral part of fashion. I have been obsessed with this trend and posting pictures of studded clothes on page like crazyyy  so I thought why not make a post about it?! :)

I really like studded trend because clothes speaks for you so it tells the world that you're fearless and nobody can change your fashion style. It makes it so unique and different than other styles.Here we can see spikes on jackets,soooo pretty!

I love how studded clothes are very edgy but still sexy and girly at the same time.
Jackets and clothes like this you can buy at stores like: H&M,Forever21,Brandy Mellvile,PacSun..

Studs & spikes on jackets and shoes? My favorite!

The studs look amazing on bags too,right? 

The studded fashion is definetly a must have this season. So girls,go ahead with studs & spikes and be fearless!
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